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Our Story

Jordie and Lindsey's story quite literally begins with “you had me at hello”


In this post 2020 world we live in, dating apps became more normalized and Jordie and Lindsey both happened to join Bumble...

Lindsey: hello

Jordie: hello.

Lindsey: What it do?

Jordie: One upping you with a period. You?


And that was it. For the next seven weeks or so they went back and forth like that asking each other questions that varied from “what is your favorite color?” to “what is your biggest area for emotional growth?”. And a strong bond grew between two strangers. Neither one was quite sure where this was headed or whether they’d have the chance to meet but they did know that the person on the other end of the phone was someone they deeply cared about. 


But eventually Jordie’s schedule opened up (baseball coach life!) and Lindsey’s traveling was coming to a halt so it was time to see how this bond would translate to in person. Most people would say “don’t talk too much before you meet up because otherwise you’ll have nothing to talk about.” But for Jordie and Lindsey, quite the opposite was true. Because they had started their journey with a deep bond and friendship, by the time they met in person, there was a safeness and trust that they both immediately recognized. And so it went. They spent the next few dates getting to know each others beingness and laugh and what brings them joy. And all along, they were both whispering to themselves “I think this is it."


But after only a few dates, Jordie was presented with a career opportunity of coaching a college team in up state NY for the summer months. So the two were presented with their first cross roads…would we stay together and be long distance after only a few dates or would we call it and say “nice run"? It wasn’t much of a question because they both already knew the answer.


Little did they know this would be the first of many cross roads they would face as both Jordie and Lindsey’s career continued to evolve... But through it all, they have grown stronger and more mature in their love. They understand self sacrifice and what it means to look the other in the eye and say “you come first and I am going to do whatever it takes to support you.”


Jordie and Lindsey will be one of the greatest love stories of all time. Not because of their booming passion or adventurous spirits or the fact that they are both even keeled. Rather because “whatever souls are made of, theirs are the same."

Please R.S.V.P by August 18, 2024

Thank you for your RSVP!


Guest Information


Our Registry

3:30 pm - Shuttle Departs Hotel

4:00pm - Guests Arrive & Mingle

4:30pm - Outdoor Ceremony

5:00pm - Cocktail Hour

6:00 - 9:00pm - Open style reception
      (Bar + Buffet + Band)

9:00pm - Shuttle Leaves for Hotel

Thanks so much for stopping by! We couldn't be more excited for our big day and to celebrate this next chapter in our lives with you. We are lucky enough to have a home with lots of great stuff in it so in lieu of gifts, consider contributing to the following funds:


  • Artwork: We are beyond excited to bring this timeless special day to life in our home with artwork! Our incredibly talented photographers at JAG Studio have an amazing collection to choose from and we want it ALL! :)


  • Honeymoon: We are headed to Aruba! We would love to explore the island by going on excursions, whether they be adventurous (i.e. scuba diving) or romantic (i.e. sunset cruise). We can't wait to cherish the special time in our lives together!

Click the shopping bag below for more details:

What Should We Wear?

The preferred attire is dressy casual.
For details on what that means, click here!

Food and Beverage

Our party will have a light cocktail hour immediately followed by a finger-foods style buffet. Frey's drink menu includes a variety of beers, hard cider, hard seltzer, seltzer-based smoothies & cocktails, beer cocktails, as well as craft mocktails, non-alcoholic beers, sodas, flavored lemonades, and a full coffeehouse menu. Frey's does not serve wine or liquor. Please, no outside beverages allowed. 

Nearby Lodging

We have reserved a room block at the Courtyard Frederick, approximately 24 minutes from the venue. Please note that the shuttle will transport guests to and from this hotel only. You can make a reservation at any time by calling the hotel directly or using the link below. Be sure to mention the Wilson Henry Wedding when you call to make the reservations. You can reach the Courtyard at 301-631-9030.


Wilson Henry Wedding

Start Date: Thursday, October 17, 2024

End Date: Saturday, October 19, 2024

Last Day to Book: Thursday, September 19, 2024

Hotel(s) offering your special group rate:

  • Courtyard Frederick for 179 USD per night

The shuttle leaves hotel at 3:30, returns after reception.

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